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Lancelot is the name that fellow knights gave him when they were fighting in Normandy. It means 'arrow of a fairy'. They gave him this name because he is descended from the Old People (the fairies), just like I am. As a young girl I fell in love with him but I never had a chance, competing with Gwynnefar. Lancelot was Arthur's best friend, his most loyal knight and his wife's champion. Lancelot is the son of Vivian and therefore was educated on Avalon in the Druid's ways. But he was more attracted to the sword than he was to the harp, so he left Avalon to join Arthur as a knight. As he could not marry Gwynnefar, Lancelot eventually married Elaine, Gwynnefar's cousin, who looked just like her. I must confess I used my magic to get those two together: I put a spell on Lancelot, so he thought Elaine was Gwynnefar. I also made sure they were caught together. It took a long time before Lancelot could forgive me for this.

Merlin (Taliesin)

He was not only the archdruid; he also was the archfather of the family. Taliesin is his name. His daughters (Igraine, Morgause and Vivian) were important characters in the Arthurian legend. He was a great and wise man, but he took advantage of the trust that many people had in him and used people to reach his goal: Arthur as King of the Britons.


The Goddess is the centre of the Celtic belief. She is the mother of all (Mother Earth) and her teachings resemble those of popular Christian belief. The Vision comes from her (the Goddess) and is very strong in Taliesin's family line. The Goddess wants her followers to tolerate other religions. In her view all the gods are one, male or female. This belief exsisted in Europe for over 2000 years. It vanished after the coming of the Romans who brought Christianity to Europe.


Avalon: the island where the priestesses live and are educated. The High Priestess and archdruid reside here among the priestesses and the druids. I spent many years here during my education and after becoming a priestess. I left Avalon in despair. After Arthur's downfall and the Christian belief took over from the belief in the Goddess, Avalon slowly drifted away into the mists. The abbey of Glastonbury was also situated on this island, its ruins are still there.