Ancient Britain


Merlin - Emrys - Myrddin - Taliesin

As with more mythical figures, Merlin has many names. Merlin is the one most of us know, and that will be the one I will use on these pages. However: personally I prefer to use the name Emrys - the immortal.

According to legend, Merlin was of crucial importance to the whole of the Arthurian Legend: without Merlin no Arthur, no foster education, no sword in the stone and no Excalibur. I have searched my books on these four events. Please click the images to go to the quoted text.

Merlin put a spell on Uther, so he could lay with Ygraine while she was sure she was with her man.
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Merlin came and took care of baby Arthur after his birth and took him to sir Ector.
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Merlin led Arthur to the Sword in the Stone and talked to the barons when they did not accept Arthur as their new King.
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Merlin introduced Arthur to the Lake of the Lake from whom he received Excalibur.
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