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Math, son of Mathonwy

part 5

At the end of the year the barking of dogs was heard under the wall of the chamber. And the Court assembled, and thereupon he arose and went forth, and when he came forth he beheld three beasts. Now these were the beasts that he saw; two wild hogs of the woods, and a well-grown young one with them. And he was very large for his age.
  "Truly," said Math, "this one will I take and cause to be baptized."
And he struck him with his magic wand, and he became a fine fair auburn-haired youth, and the name that he gave him was Hychdwn.
  "Now as for you, as ye were wild hogs last year, be ye wolves each and either of you for the year that is to come."
Thereupon he struck them with his magic wand, and they became wolves.
  "And be ye of like nature with the animals whose semblance ye bear, and return here this day twelvemonth beneath this wall."
And at the same day at the end of the year, he heard a clamour and a barking of dogs under the wall of the chamber. And he rose and went forth. And when he came, behold, he saw two wolves, and a strong cub with them.
  "This one will I take," said Math, "and I will cause him to be baptized; there is a name prepared for him, and that is Bleiddwn.
Now these three, such are they:
The three sons of Gilvaethwy the false,
The three faithful combatants,
Bleiddwn, Hydwn, and Hychdwn the Tall."

Then he struck the two with his magic wand, and they resumed their own nature.
  "Oh men," said he, "for the wrong that ye did unto me sufficient has been your punishment and your dishonour. Prepare now precious ointment for these men, and wash their heads, and equip them."
And this was done.
And after they were equipped, they came unto him.
  "Oh men," said he, "you have obtained peace, and you shall likewise have friendship. Give your counsel unto me, what maiden I shall seek."
  "Lord," said Gwydion the son of Don, "it is easy to give thee counsel; seek Arianrod, the daughter of Don, thy niece, thy sister's daughter."
And they brought her unto him, and the maiden came in.
  "Ha, damsel," said he, "art thou the maiden?"
  "I know not, lord, other than that I am."
Then he took up his magic wand, and bent it.
  "Step over this," said he, "and I shall know if thou art the maiden."
Then stepped she over the magic wand, and there appeared forthwith a fine chubby yellow-haired boy. And at the crying out of the boy, she went towards the door. And thereupon some small form was seen; but before any one could get a second glimpse of it, Gwydion had taken it, and had flang a scarf of velvet around it and hidden it. Now the place where he hid it was the bottom of a chest at the foot of his bed.

  "Verily," said Math the son of Mathonwy, concerning the fine yellow-haired boy, "I will cause this one to be baptized, and Dylan is the name I will give him."
So they had the boy baptized, and as they baptized him he plunged into the sea. And immediately when he was in the sea, he took its nature, and swam as well as the best fish that was therein. And for that reason was he called Dylan, the son of the Wave. Beneath him no wave ever broke. And the blow whereby he came to his death, was struck by his uncle Govannion. The third fatal blow was it called.

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