Ancient Britain


Merlin & the Sword in the Stone

Merlin led Arthur to the Sword in the Stone and talked to the barons when they did not accept Arthur as their new King
Merlin raised his hands in the attitude of declamation, although the throng had stilled already. He waited and, when every eye was on him, said, "The sword has already been drawn from the stone, as many here will testify. Yet it will be drawn again by daylight, in full view of all gathered here, that no one may claim despection of sorcery."
All who had a mind to rule tried that day, and all went down in defeat to the stone until Arthur only was left. The cheering, jeering throng fell silent as they turned to him.
Arthur stood tall and grim, his eyes the colour of the lowering sky, his shoulders straight, lips pressed to a thin, bloodless line. The hardness in him surprised me, and others saw it,too. Yes, he would be a match for the stone - he looked af if made of the very stuff.
He put forth his hand and grasped the hilt as if retrieving it form a gut of an enemy. ther came the cold rasp of steel on stone as he pulled, and the gasp of the crowd as he lofted the great weapon and brandished it in the air for all to see."

(From: "Arthur" by Steven Lawhead)

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