Ancient Britain


When I was a student, I used to go to the library to get my books, and once I stubbled into Marion Bradley's The Mists of Avalon. It was a fantastic book and I read it in just three days. It was the summer season and sitting in my balcony the hours just went by. I did not eat, drink or go to the toilet, unless I really couldn't take it anymore. I had never been taken by a book so much! It was a marvel.
Just a few years later I got sick. Not very bad, but bad enough to have to stay in bed. My beloved, who had just moved in with me, came home with a huge book. You guessed: it was The Mists. I had told him about the greatness of the book and he had bought it for me -in Dutch- so I could easily read it while I was sick. The book has never been more than a few months untouched. Later I even bought the English version, because I wanted to read it as Ms. Bradley had written it. And also the prequels are in my possession now. In both English and Dutch.

This was the beginning of a madness about the Legend of King Arthur. I am especially interested in the oldest versions of the legend. I have read the middle-age version of De Troyes and others, but it just does not seem right. Arthur was a men of the dark middle ages, not of the later ones.

Anyway, it was obvious that my website started with this book: the first page I ever made was the one about Morgaine. The text is still the same as in 1996 when I first made it. Other subjects you can find here, are: Arthur, king or warlord, the location of Camelot, Merlin's presence in the legend, Excalibur: two versions, The Mabinogion, all the stories and finally; what was it like in ancient Britain.


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