Ancient Britain


Merlin & Excalibur

Merlin introduced Arthur to the Lady of the Lake from whom he received Excalibur
Behind Arthur and Morgaine came the Merlin and at his side Kevin.
The Lady reached out and took Arthur's wrist in her small dark hand; it did not come near to reaching around his. "Arthur, son of Igraine of Avalon and of Pendragon, rightful King of all Britain," she said, "behold the most sacred things in all your land."
The light flared on gold and jewels in cup and platter, the long spear, the crimson and gold and silver threads of the scabbard. And from the scabbard, Viviane drew forth the long dark blade. Dimly, stones glinted in its hilt.
"The sword of the Sacred Regalia of the Druids," she said quietly. "Swear now to me, Arthur Pendragon, King of Britain, that when you come tot your crown, you will deal fairly with Druid as with Christian, and that you will be guided by the sacred magic of those who set you on your throne."

(From: "The mists of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley)

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