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December 2002


I've updated my 'theme-pages', which are pages that I've made for special occation: Dutch General Elections, Nijmegen's Four Days Marches, the Marriage of Willem-Alexander and Maxima, etc.


"Neolithics" has been replaced by "Stone Age Building". It also has a new piece about Dutch Dolmens, aka Hunebedden.


Made a new frontpage, today. I saw this pretty she-elf and just could not stop myself... Apart from that, I've made it possible again to search the site, by using Google.


Once I started digging in Dutch history, I kept bouncing in to the Vikings, Dorestad and such. So I decided to look for more information on Vikings in the Netherlands and added it to the website today.

November 2002


At the near-end of this year, I've started working at missgien.net again. Today, I altered the looks of my About section. It didn't even take as much as I was affraid of!


At about the same time I've combined all my favourite website-links in a group of pages: The WebWorld , with links to the expected sites as well as to Dutch Soccer Pages, Several News Sources, etc.


I've started digging into my 'own' dutch history. One of the first tribes to live in the Lowlands, and which are closely related to the city I live in now, Nijmegen, are the Batavians. I did a piece about them and their revolt against the Roman conquerers in 69 CE.

August 2002


Just like that, I had had it with Much Ado About Nothing and started a new blog, called Gienera (Gien=Me, Era=Time: My Time).

July 2002


Apart from keeping my weblog almost daily and rebuilding the arthurian and celtic sites, I started a completely new project: Nijmegen Stories. It's precisely what it suggests: stories about my site, or about my experiences in the city. All the stories are real and are written by me and a fellow logger from Nijmegen: Marti.


Finally: I've updated some of the lay-out and added an entiry new part. It's decided to my faith: witchcraft. Only recently I came out of the broom closet (as we say here in Holland). Try to read it with an open mind and find out there's really nothing bad about witchcraft.

October 2001


Oops! I've been neglecting Missgien.net! I've been so busy with my weblog and making other website (a.o. one for my son's chool) and recovering from a tia, that I simply did not know how to make time. Still I'm rather busy, but I have changed the Logo (see above-left) and the fonttype.
I hope I will be able to do some colorchanges aswell. But that might take some more time...

July 2001


My weblog grows silently but steady. I have no complains about the number of readers, although it varies from day to day. I noticed I came back to some subject over and over again, so I decided to form files by subject. The two subject which have files are: NS (Dutch Railways Company) and the '4daagse' (four day marches of Nijmegen). Click the appropriate link in the leftbar at the index of Much Ado About Nothing.


Brought the first Dutch piece online: my weblog. Why in Dutch? Well, it's my mohtertongue and most things of us, Dutch, are hard to understand for foreigners. So, I decided to write my weblog entirely in Dutch. To underline the fact that the weblog stands apart from the rest of missgien.net, it has only one link: on the indexpage. It has a different lay-out with different colors, although the 'old' one was a model of the weblog's one. Anyone, for everryone who can read Dutch, or is just curious: Much Ado About Nothing.


Updated the site in several ways: changed the left sided menus (which had javascripts) and turned back to the good old 'hover'-tag. Another change is the resizeability of the pages. If you have a big screen (over 800x680) you won't see the ugly white at the right anymore: the site will resize itself to your size of screen. This seems all just minor jobs, but believe me, with a site as huge as this one it takes quite some time. I'm glad it's done!


After being online for over 4 months, because the telecomprovider seems to be unable to move my ADSL-line from Amsterdam to Nijmegen, I have bought a modem to be able to work on my site again. So not much "new" at this moment.
However, I have started working on a weblog, which will be online shortly. The lay-out will differ slightly from the original site: the colors have changed, but it will look very familiair, I promise. As soon as it will go online, you will be notified right here.

February 2001


An old wish come true: I gathered information about the Mother Goddesses from all over the world for years. And now it became a section on my site. Hopefully, I will be able to add more goddesses when I come to meet them. Don't hesitate to email if you know anymore who are worth mentioning.

January 2001


Added a Quick Menu that regular visitors can use if they know where they're going.
Apart from that I reorganized the Linkpage to smaller dropdown menus, because the list just keeps growing with new pages... As the first script I used did not work in Netscape, I switched to another script that does work good in all browsers.


For a long time I wanted to put Y Gododdin online, but I did not find the time so far. Now, you can read it here on missgien.net. Y Gododdin is the oldest known reference to King Arthur, although his name is only mentioned once in verse 98.


Finally! A (small) piece on Arthur's magical sword: Excalibur and it's counterpart the Sword in the Stone.


Another Usenet-friend came to the rescue: her husband mailed me the sollution to the Netscape 6 error in the search engine; they are added to the creditpage, of course! Geertrude and Theo: my thanx!


A Usenet-friend stopped by and mentioned that he had "searched like crazy" for a 'home'-button. Obviously, the imagemap at the top is not helpfull enough. Every site got a Home-link (referring to the General Index) on the bottom of each page just above the 'Top'button. I hope things are better like this.
And keep them coming, hints like this: I can use the help, for I know this site inside out. Jeroen: thanx!.


After receiving a Guestbook Entry from another Guy Forsyth fan, I decided to put the photos of one of his Dutch concerts of September 2000, back online. You can find them here.


Added a creditspage to thank everyone who helped me constructing the new missgien.net


I just love it when I got ideas like I had last week. After being succesful with the Javascript Search Engine, I simply had to try something else: a Javascript Guestbook. I did not want a CGI-implemented guestbook, becasue I don't know a thing about CGI, so I had to compromise. This guestbook is a simple mailform, with some Javascript which sends the entry to the mailbox of missgien's webmaster (being me). Next, the entry will be added manually to the page where the guestbook can be read. Don't disappoint me: overload me with messages!!


I moved the sitemap from the about section to the general section. It seems appropriate now there's a search engine in that section aswell.


Of course, I couldn't stand the idea of not being able to use a javascript search engine, so I surfed to HTML Goodies and got myself a script which I configured according to my site.
Unfortunately, it does not yet work in Netscape 6, but I hope to solve that problem as well.


As my site is growing larger than I could ever imagine, and even I could not find my way through the woods of the site, I decided it was time for a search engine.
I did try to make one myself with javascript, but unsuccessful up and till now. So I had to use an 'outsider', which I found in Atomz. Hopefully I'll have one of my own later this year.



The latest version of missgien.net goes online!
Read about the reason for another make-over in about this site


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