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The early years: 1999 - 2000 - 2001/2002

April 2005


Added a substantial directory about the Viking in the Netherlands


After updating the layout of the Celts, I also gave Faith-section a new look.
After that, I did the same to misc: photo's, films and music are collected there.


Today I gave the Celtic section a new colourscheme. I think these colours are more in agreement with the subject.


Oooops! It's been a really long time since I updated this.
A summary: - Xantippe has been relocated to missgien.nl" and the name was changed to missgien.log. The new domain was a present for my 40th birthday, on March 31st last.
- In february 2003 I started a archaeological newslog, which got it's own domain in november 2003: archeonet.nl. It is updated daily with dutch news, there also is an English section, which was updated until last month.
- Today I made some corrections in the lay-out of the Arthurian Legend as well in the general menu.

September 2003


It's been way to long since I updated this piece of my website. I've started a lifelog again, back in April, called Xantippe. The name was chosen because I can be a real shrew every now and then and on my weblog I usually say as it is...

March 2003


The last extra ordinairy find in Wiltshire, the so-called "Amesbury Archer", or -as the BBC likes to call him - "The King of Stonehenge" was too good not do anything with it. A mirror with the text of the website of Wessex Archaeoloy.

February 2003


Started a total new concept: an archaeological newslog. Every day I roam the newssites online, to find news about digs and other news about the ages of old. I proudly present to you: Project 0. You can find lnks to mainly English, but also to Dutch and German articles. Most offsite, some onsite.


I kicked out all of the old Weblogs... they became a little bit to personal and I did not want to keep them online.