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What's New?

The history of missgien.net
What's New gives you a complete overview of all alterations and addings to this site during this year, complete with date and motivation.

What's Old?

More history of missgien.net
What's Old gives a complete overview of all alterations to this site in 1999. It is the "what's new" archive. Part two of What's Old holds the entries of the year 2000.

About This Site

This part is about the site itself: what is the history of my homepages before I had my domain, and how did it go from there. How did I develop in making sites, etcetera.

About Me

"EvErytHinG U nEvEr WAntEd tO kNOw aND U dId NOt rEaLIze U DidN'T!"
Here I tell about myself: about my life and my loved ones, my work and my hobbies, my music and my films and what else there is to know.


Making this site was quite an adventure. I did have some help, here and there. And I think these people should have the credit they deserve.


To make sure, my site can be found in the jungle of homepages, I decided to join some webrings which are related to my topics and have interesting sites in the ring aswell.