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Missgien.net is a personal website. Nothing on this site is presented as "truth". Not only, because there is no scientific proof of what I write on these pages, but also because everyone has his or her own truth. We all have our own perception of what we see and understand, and everyone's view is different.

You can read all about this site's webmaster's personal life at aboutme.

About the history

When I placed my first steps on the internet in may 1995, I was encouraged by my love who was totally nuts about this huge network of computers all over the world. Personally, I did not really see what the fun was, until I really went online. For that, I have to give credit to my dear friend and sister-in-law: Micheline, who has her own website: Micheline's Crowded House and her own domain:micheline.nl. She introduced me to the DDS and there I met lots of people online. Soon after that I decided I wanted a homepage, but I never even had seen HTML: I had to start from cratch. It was simpeler as I thought as back in 1995 there were not as many possibities as there are now. It resulted in Morgaine which is still one of my pages - it has only been altered slightly, when I learned to use tables and now it is part of this large website, the layout had to give in, but the content never changed, though.

Then I used some discspace from my love, who had an account. Later, when we moved to the west of the country, we took a subdomain at Demon's where we both could have are homepage, more or less seperated from each other. There I also got my first personal emailaddress. In August 1997 I started working for a dutch ISP and I got an account from them, of course. We both moved our homepages, now each to his and her own account. And finally in March 1999 I got my own domain: missgien.net.

About the name

It is a strange nickname, for it does not mean anything in English. In Dutch, however, it is a fonetic way to say maybe or perhaps, which is misschien in Dutch. The 'ch' and the 'g' have the same sound, the one that only a few foreigners can pronounce.
One of my former collegues, G.R., 'invented' this name for me. "Well, you are a female (miss) and your name is Gien, so 'missgien' would be appropriate, especially when you know how often you use the word 'maybe'." I still think it is a great nick, and I use it frequently on IRC and Usenet.

Want to know anything more? Just gimme an email, and I will see if I can answer your question.

Gien Jansen
30 november 2002